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Cup-Pies - Pushing Daisies and Gun Cozies [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Pushing Daisies and Gun Cozies

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Cup-Pies [Jan. 17th, 2008|06:29 pm]
Pushing Daisies and Gun Cozies


[mood |artistic]

I posted these cup-pies at thepiehole and it was suggested I post here, so here I am! This is slightly x-posted, but not on purpose.

cup of daisies and cups of pie! Okay, it's pretty cheesy and I am far from being a good photographer, but I couldn't help it. I'm working on making strawberry shaped bobbles :)

Patterns I used (crochet):
Pie shell: I used the bottom of the cupcake pattern plus the last round of the icing to get the scalloped edge, using *hdc, dc, hdc* instead of 3hdc.

Filling: Slightly altered to fit the pie shell from the cupcake pattern.

I hope you all make your own. It's a quick, fun project and I will probably be making more. As soon as I buy some Key Lime colored yarn :)

[User Picture]From: jacintillating
2008-01-19 03:51 am (UTC)

I learned how to crochet years ago, and I taught myself how to knit last month. Can you knit in the round? Because I'm sure there are patterns in knit for cupcakes that you can just alter to make a cup-pie. Sometimes crochet patterns are really hard to understand when they're just crazy lines of abbreviations. I hope you don't give up, and if there is a specific thing you are trying to make, maybe I can help?
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