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Pushing Daisies and Gun Cozies
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A Pushing Daisies knitting community
Have you ever wanted to keep your gun nice and warm? Or knit a manly sweater vest? Or even have some nice socks in which to stash stacks of cash?

Do you love pie as much as you love knitting?

Well then, welcome! This community is devoted any and all knitting and/or crochet matters from the television show Pushing Daisies (Wed. nights, ABC, 8/7c). Everything from trying to figure out how to make Emerson's vest to the best size needles to use in making gun cozies is up for discussion.

We may also talk about pie. Who knows.

The Rules:

1. Please keep to on-topic discussion of knitting/crocheting as it relates to Pushing Daisies. This means no fanfic. Icons, banners, pictures are all welcome.

2. Be kind to your fellow pie- and purl-lovers. Use a cut-tag for large images or if you have more than three.

3. No fights, lest we have to get my Moderator Gun of Doom out of its cozy. And nobody wants that, right? On that note, there shall be NO SPOILERS NOT HIDDEN BEHIND A CUT-TAG. And for the love of daisies, tell everyone that there are spoilers behind your cut!

4. More info about the show in general may be found at the official ABC Web site.
You may also enjoy thepiehole, for more general chat about the show.

5. Above all, HAVE FUN!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Moderator is niteflite.

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